Trails And Trusts With God



How hard it is to trust our God when your whole world seems to be collapsing around you. How hard it is to imagine the Lord is standing alongside you with arms outstretched in love and comfort. Do you feel like withdrawing from others? That nobody understands what you are going through? Jesus suffers with us in our grief or tragic circumstances even when you can’t communicate. You just want to be left alone. Don’t want to talk about it. Just leave me alone scenario. Sorrows and suffering are no stranger to Christians but nor were they to Jesus who gave his life for his Father in pain and absolute trust to save the world.

You tell yourself that you are not a Jesus so how can you trust as a human? The answer is day by day. Hour by hour. Time teaches faith. Does the sun rise and set every day? Does it rain without warning sometimes? Your heart feels the rain of trial and loss and sometimes the sun’s heat warms your body but you feel so cold with despair. Jesus shares his compassion, his love and his caring spirit with all who hurt just as he did. Don’t feel alienated from him, do not blame him but seek his presence. Even if in bed at night whisper,

‘Thank you for getting me through this day Lord.’

He is listening to you, he knows the heart ache and trials. His love and peace are with you every minute. TRUST HIM with all your soul.

Be Blessed


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