Rolled Away


The stone was rolled away; Luke 24 verse 2: “But they found the stone rolled away from the tomb”.

Many have asked the question: ‘Why was the stone rolled away?’ Surely it couldn’t have been for Jesus to come out of the tomb. Our Lord and Our Friend in His resurrected body was not restricted by walls,doors roofs. Because we know that later He suddenly appeared to His disciples in a room where the doors were locked.

Though theses doors were locked, Jesus came and stood in their midst and said,” Peace be with you ”So why did the stone of the tomb need to be rolled way.

it was rolled away not in order that Jesus might come out but that the visitors to the tomb might go in. it was not intended to be the means of His exit but to their entrance

This is why Jesus’ resurrection is more than a piece of history, it makes it also a promise. God The Father, rolled away the stone not that His son might come out but that everyone might know that He had risen.

The stone that prevented us, from seeing the great promises of God has been rolled. So we can enter in and share in the victory that resurrection has won for us all.

The stone was rolled away so that veryone might know that he is risen. Rolled away so that the first disciples might be able to go into the tomb and see, only “the place where they laid Him”

So God The Father rolled away the stone! t was as if God was saying; “You are afraid of what lies beyond, death? Then look into the open and empty tomb”. Jesus has conquered death, and as it has been written in the New Testament: “Has brought life and immortality to light through the gospel {the message of Good News}.

The stone has bben rolled away, so we can also have resurrection life, and know it for ourselves.

God Bless.


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