Weekend Inspiration



How quickly and easily we can all fall and stray from the ways of the teachings of Jesus. It seems as if ‘anything goes’ in the days we spend pursuing self- gratification instead of God inspired hours. My heart grieves when I observe over indulgence by some parents who oblige their children’s every whinge. As a mother and grandmother I wonder how children will grow in strength and moral character should they be so spoiled and their every need met. Our Christian response to raising admirable adults is to set boundaries with loving reinforcement of right and wrong. Values and respect and consideration of others would be beneficial.

Giving your child everything they want in life brings disrespect and expectations of being able to have what they want and to live how they should.

Addictions in teens and older ones has increased to an epidemic today and family lives are destroyed and broken. Just talk to some of the parents and grandparents who have, and are suffering in grief. I speak from experience and plead for prayer to break this chain of heartbreak. To speak up, with tough love even. Seek every available method possible, of intervention, in the name of Jesus. Parents, set strong guidelines from an early age and show the love of God. Addictions destroy!

Be strong in loving faith but be aware and watchful at all times.

Be Blessed


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