Balancing Life



In Haggai chapter one, verses two to eleven, we read of the return of the Israelites from exile. The patience of God lasted twenty years as he waited for them to rebuild his temple which lay in ruins. He told the people, ‘Give careful thought to your ways.  You have planted much but harvested little’.  (Verses 5 to 6)

He tells them that his house is still in ruins while they have been busy building their own.  ‘Because of you the heavens have withheld their dew and the earth its crops. (Verse 11).  I called for drought on fields, mountains, the grain, new wine, the oil, the ground that produced, of men and cattle as well as the labor of your hands.’

God’s patience had run out. The Israelites had neglected their provider by not reconstructing ‘His’ temple as the most important aspect of returning his people from exile. It mattered to God and the people felt the consequences.
Like many of us, I have lived in three countries and on returning from them I focused on seeking a home and employment to rebuild, paying off debts, establishing new relationships or rebuilding damaged ones and life got frantic.

Somehow, life becomes unbalanced between the spiritual and the business of ‘busyness’. It is easier to bypass Church.  Easier not to acknowledge him every day or ask him for his strength and power to do his will.
Consider re-evaluating the balance in your life. Listen to and trust God’s spirit with faith.  Bring balance back into your lifestyle. It brings peace.  Don’t wait twenty years, as the Israelites did, to honor God.

Rebuild your relationship with God today.  It matters to God.  Don’t let your life in the spirit become a ruined temple.

Be Blessed


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