Scripture Verse Of The Week

psalm 27

Psalm 27 Verse !: “The Lord is my light and my salvation whom should I fear.”

To know, To know Our Lord and Our Friend, for who He really is. We all need an encounter with the transfigure Christ. The One who wears the crown of the universe, God’s beloved Son.

We all need to fall on our knees and see Him as the Holy One, The Highest One, The Only One. As we do, all our fears, except the reverence fear of Our God, will fall from our lives.

Then we can agree with King David, “The Lord is our light and my salvation; whom shall we fear”.

1 John 4 verse 18: “There is No fear in love; instead, perfect loves drives out fear,”

To know Him, is to know perfect love. The longer we know and serve Him, the greater He becomes. It is not our Lord and Our Friend that changes, but we do. We see dimensions, aspects, characteristics we never saw before; of His astonishing power, purity and perfectness.

And understanding this we need to fall at His feet in reverence and humility, with total dependence, so we can hear Him say what He said to His disciples in Matthew 17 verses 6 and 7: at the story of the transfiguration.

When the disciples saw and heard Him for who He really is.

Verse 6; “When the disciples heard it, they fell face down terrified.”

Verse 7: The Jesus came up, touch them and said, ‘Getup; and don’t be afraid.”

Arise, The Lord is the light of our salvation, there is nothing for us to fear.

God Bless.


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