Have A Blessed And Wonderful Christmas



The time of Christmas is not joyful for everyone. For many it is a day of stark awareness of being without family to share the day with.  Family overseas, rejected by loved ones, a partner has died or simply that there is no-one to share or celebrate the day with.  Those in this position deal with it in various ways to ease the pain but the truth is they are alone. The years continue to be so and yet the more the media, the concentrated focus on gift giving, and family togetherness is promoted leading up to the day, the more intense become the emotions within.
It is a hollowness of the soul that longs for Christmas to be gone. It is a sadness of having no connection with togetherness. It is a sense of missing out and a lack of self-worth.  In fact, it is just another day that passes.
Jesus was alone in the garden of Gethsemane, so alone and sorrowing he asked for the cup of suffering to be taken from him. His disciples slept as humans do, none stayed awake.  Even God the Father was silent it seemed.  He arose and grief overwhelmed him as he faced death on a cross.
Am I saying to the ‘alone’, endure.  No, I am suggesting, if you are able to, share your sadness with another empty, hurting person in some special way.  If that is not possible plan to fill your day with things you have an affinity for. Favorite music, a food feast, a gift for yourself, perhaps buy a book you wanted to read, watch a recent DVD, telephone another who will be feeling like you.  May the hours of the day flow with kindness to self.  Talk to God because he absolutely understands how you feel. Offer to spend the day with Him.
I have known many un-shared, lonely Christmas days and I know those feelings well but the Lord of our lives wants to bless you with his love, especially on a Christmas day.  Do not just endure the day, turn it into a celebration of YOU!

Be Blessed


Christmas time is a time of great love and joy, share it with all those you meet and particularly those closest to you. It is also a time for refreshing.

We are having a short break. over this Christmas, new year period. We will be back in the New year, to share and encourage with messages of God’s love for us.

Our writings are not only to encourage all who read them, but to encourage us at the ministry as we delve deeper in to His word.

Have a Very Blessed and Merry Christmas

From all of us at {Our Lord and Our Friend} Ministries.

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