Weekend Inspiration


This week ‘Weekend Inspiration’ is one of Michael’s {aka] The Kid. Be blessed and be inspired by the very informative writing, called ‘Jailed By Habits, Convicted By Sin’.

We are, by the Word of God, and the sacrifice of Jesus Christ, freed from our sin. It is held separately from us and not bought into account if we repent.

Yet I’ve often found, that where we are willing to say that we are free from sin, and even make a show of it in front of others, we aren’t very willing to let our sin go. Though we approach God and repent of our sins, we still hold onto it, not fully believing that we are free from it. Almost like it was “too easy.” We find it hard to believe in anything that’s too easy. Surely there has to be some kind of tingly feeling or outward manifestation.

Well let me tell you, and not in a way of condemnation, but if you are willing to hold onto that sin, and be bound by guilt, than that sin while forgiven is chaining you and holding you down. Even though we’ve been set free. It becomes a weight, and in itself a condemnation. We feel like we can never break free from the cycle and just go on re-offending, re-repenting, and re-commiting. Never experiencing the freedom that Christ won for you.

Let me tell you, freedom is easy to obtain, it’s right there, offered by God. You don’t need to hold onto that sin. Believing you do, or that you can’t ever be forgiven, or if your trapped in the cycle of guilt and condemnation, is to null the very word of Jesus. The very name and word that sets you free.

Now don’t beat yourself up, that’s just what the enemy wants. But you have no business holding onto what you have been forgiven, you have no reason to believe that you aren’t worthy of forgiveness. Because according to his word your sin is forgiven you as far as the east is from the west. Never to be remembered.

You are free!

Don’t feed the doubt, that doubt is planted by the enemy who only comes to lie, cheat, steal, and destroy. He wants to Jail you for your sin nature, and convict you from the sin you hold onto. Let it go, and believe. If your finding it hard ask for revelation, and He will reveal it to you. Because he loves you, and that right there is the very reason why He has forgiven you of your sin. He wants you to give it up, and take up his love instead.

That’s how it was intended. So if you ever feel tired or undeserving of forgiveness, remember He loved you so much He sent His only son to die for all the sins and transgressions you could commit to make you hole and worthy in His. Their is after all nothing else that can do that for you.

So my friends, take courage and be free. You aren’t bound by any sin, any transgression, any illness, or, well anything! Break your sin habits and know that they aren’t who you are. He is who you are!

Be Blessed,

The Kid..

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