Weekend Inspiration


Again we have a wonderful poem, from our dear friend at the ministry, Colleen, who write under the name Lorraine Szabo. Colleen is a tremendous inspiration to this ministry, as the ministry and OfJ have had several very difficult and sad events to deal with lately. But as Christians we all should be inspiration in all we do, for we serve a wonderful Lord and Friend. Here is another of Colleens Poems:                           Light Leaks—Night Locks

Shut the door and leak out the light,

sunset is swallow, bleached, such from sight.

Let the night fold, close tight the hole

for one such as me in flight.

Silence caresses, tucks up time,

tickling and taking each hours toll with chime.

Silvered shadows, pale, fade to blend

as lamplight spindle trees

splash, sliced in emerald sonnets like a doll.

Rivulets of pain bleed, reflect and roll

while slivers of rain

sigh and soak in the scent of musk,

like the heart of me spilling the husk

of life’s thread, my loom of fate

within this spirit of mine, too late

that weaves and winds,

twists in a and knot like twine

to cast patterns and colors

Of intertwined destiny that spills like wine

saturated as if in rainbow brine.

Until saffron dawn rises again to shine

to reveal a new day’s journey of signs

In a symmetry of azure sky above.

Far-flung water, for swooping gull and wood dove,

for cockatoos and pelicans to swish

for dolphins, crab and darting fish,

shafted, spilntered and spinning in

sun spraying mist.

such a landscape will i miss,

no more will it exist

but in memory as the light leaks

and leaves this home, my spirit forever seeks.

Lorraine Szabo C 2015

Be inspired, be blessed today and everyday.

From your friends at mylordmyfriend.com

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