Scripture Verse Of The Week ‘Ecclesiastes 9 Verse 10’


Ecclesiastes 9 verse 10: “Whatever your hand finds to do do it with your might”.

If we look at the translation from the Message Bible;

“Whatever turns up, grab it and do it , And heartily”.

Somehow simply put, do the best you can in everything that comes our way. Sometimes we might not like what comes our way, but what ever that is, let us do and make the best of it.

We don’t have to be perfect people, because we never will be in ourselves, but Our Lord and Our Friend, has the right for us, to be the best at all we do, because after all as His follower, everything we do should be done from His example.

My sons like a lot of young people, say that word, ‘Whatever’, as a way of answering everything. If we take that word ‘Whatever’ more purposely, we should give our best, as an answer to everything we do.

Ecclesiastes was written by Solomon, and it was written for a reason, to lead us to seek true happiness in God alone. Solomon is not trying to destroy all our hopes. He is instead directing them to the only One who can truly fulfill them.

When we have accepted the One and only, Who is Christ Jesus, we have a different standard to live by. Where is before a ‘Whatever’ can easily be dismissed, now a ‘Whatever’ comes our way, should be a challenge for all of us to do our best with it.

In Ecclesiastes, Solomon affirms the value of knowledge, relationship, work and pleasure, but points out to us that their value is realized only in their proper place of priority in the light of eternity.

Whatever we do in our gaining of knowledge, do it heartily.

Whatever we do in our relationships, do it heartily.

Whatever we do in and for our work, do it heartily.

Whatever we do, in our leisure time, which we all should take, do it heartily.

And the really big ‘Whatever’. Whatever we do, do it to bring Glory, to the One Who paid the price to give us New-life, with an eternal destiny in Him.

God deserves our best, and we cannot afford to give Him anything else.

God Bless.


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