Sunday Encouragement


If this is your day for rest you still need encouragement. Be encouraged that God loves you, and does have plans and purposes for all our lives. Be blessed and encouraged that ‘The Grace Of The Lord Jesus, is with you in everything you do.

Revelation 22 verse 21:

“The Grace of The Lord Jesus, be with all the saints. ‘Amen’.”

The last verse of The Bible, it is speaking about Grace.

‘GRACE”: God’s unmerited favor at Christ Jesus expense.

The Bible begins in Genesis 1 verse1. “In the Beginning God created the heaven and The Earth.”

Why did He do this not for Himself, but so that His Creation {You and Me} could live on it. He prepared it in such a way we should want nothing, so we could spend our time in relationship with Him.

66 Books, explaining the beginning, explaining the fall of Humanity {HIS Creation}, to the redemption and climax of humanity.

In the end we are left with what it is all about The GRACE of Our Lord and Our Friend. {Christ Jesus}.

Jesus Christ who was and is God, was the Creator, {John 1 verse3}, created us by His Grace, His unmerited favor, He didn’t have to create anything, God is complete in Himself, God The Father, God The Son and God The Holy Spirit. He is complete in Who He is.

We were created to live in the unmerited favor of a Loving God, lack of Trust, for Who He is and what He said, got His Creation into a fallen state.

But God being Who He is, Couldn’t leave us in that state, He paid the Price He set for disobedience against Him, and died in our place as one of us. So that through Him rising again, we again can put all our Trust in Him and have Newness of life.

The Grace of Our Lord Jesus Christ {Our Lord and Our Friend}, will sustain us all, if we put all our Trust in Him.

Be Blessed in His Grace.

Be blessed Today and Everyday.

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One response to “Sunday Encouragement

  1. A small Christian ministry called to encourage God’s people, and equip the saints. Our desire is to help you walk closer with God. AMEN I am following you on Twitter too, in christ Jackie

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