Reflective Moment ‘Something That No One Really Likes’


Suffering is not something we welcome. Perseverance is a quality which we would rather Our Lord and Our Friend, gave to us as a gift, instead of one that we have to develop.

Our character is formed over our journey through life, in various dealings and conversations with, family, friends and those people that come across our path. How we deal with the people in our lives and the people we meet through our lives, help build our Character. Some of the people we meet maybe extremely difficult for us to deal with.

Our character is built by learning to give our selves selflessly, even when  it is not convenient. We should be careful not to let hurtful thoughts build up, that we might want to throw them at people who are near to us.

With The Holy Spirit living in us and empowering us, we can increasingly bring Glory to Our Lord and Our Friend and peace and hope to those we cross paths with.

Our Character building challenges in our journey through life, can help us become beacons of hope and perhaps sometimes, we might not value, just how much Of God’s light and love are shining through us.

Suffering along our journey through life, somehow makes us stop and polish the light, that is to be so evident, to our life and the testimony of our Faith.

God Bless.

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