Weekend Inspiration



Whoever said being a Christian was easy must not have experienced being one as yet?

In Lamentations, chapter 3 verse 33 it is written.

‘For he does not willingly bring affliction or grief to the children of men.’ However, a non-Christian would refute this and challenge us by commenting on the contradiction of verse 32, ‘ For men are not cast off by the Lord forever.’

He does not ‘willingly,’ suggests that this grief and affliction has occurred because of other factors not caused through God. It shows us the hope of us all who seek him and trust him, ‘He will show compassion – so great is his unfailing love’.

Verse 37: Who can speak and have it happen if the Lord has not decreed it? V38; Is it not from the mouth of the most high that both calamities and good things come? The Lord’s timing process is precious and perfect. The challenges of difficult seasons and deprivations in our lives are being worked on by and from Jesus. The suffering in our hearts from emotional pain and loss of loved ones God shares with us. Every change in our lives HE lifts us with love and understanding.

I have an image of the holy kitchen and on the benches are many glass jars. They are labeled, ‘Jars of promises and answers.’ There are many folded pieces of paper in each jar. The hardest one to fill is the ‘FORGIVENESS’ Jar This one represents the hurt, the injustice, the rejection, condemnation of others in judgmental attitudes. This is where choices have been made by others to harass and persecute you but as a Christian you feel the Lord asking you to forgive and therefore placing the paper into that jar. Our Jesus will then empty the jar and set you free. He chooses to process the problem while you chose to offer it in prayer. It may take a long time and the jars may be overflowing but the soul of your heart will be blessed.

Our family lost all our possessions in a fire by a person we knew. We had no proof and nothing was done so we had to begin creating a home all over again. We carried our knowledge around on our backs for a long time and kept quiet. He ‘chose’ to take his life many years later and sad to say, it was only then I could place my paper in the jar of FORGIVENESS.

‘Shame on me.’ I should have ‘let it go.’ Do you have something or someone you need to place in the jar to release your challenge to change and to choose?



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