Faith In Action ‘Bearing Light’


Let our lives be one that reflects Our Lord and Our Friend always.

Lets read a passage from Ezekiel 2 verses 4 and 5   V4″The children are obstinate and hardhearted. I am sending you to them: This is what the Lord God says. V5 Whether they listen or refuse to listen – for they are a rebellious house – they will know that a prophet is among them.”

We are all Prophets, Priest and Kings. As Prophets we are to speak words of encouragement. As Priest we are to tend to their needs. As Kings we are to realize we are reigning  in life with Our Lord and Friend, Christ Jesus.

I came across this old hymn, “God make my life a little light.”

Hymns these days have generally been past over for choruses, but still the words of most hymns are an enjoyment to sing and read.

1. God make my life a little light Within the world to glow;

A little flame that burns bright, wherever I may go.

2. God make my life a little flower That gives joy to all,

Content to bloom in native bower, Although the place is small.

3. God make my life a little song That comforts the sad,

That helps others to be strong, And makes the singer glad.

4. God make my life a little staff  Where on the weak may rest;

That so what health and strength i have May serve my neighbor best.

5. God make my life a little hymn of tenderness and praise;

Of faith – that never waxes dim, I all His wondrous ways.

What wonderful words; We are to be a light that shines in dark places.

We are to be people, that stands out, like a beautiful flower, because He is in our lives.

We are to be people, that lifts the spirits of the drained hearts, like a beautiful song.

We are to be people, that can help in time of need like a shepherds crook.

Wthankse are to be people, that walk in adoration of Our Lord and Our Friend, like a wonderful hymn of praise,

Let our Faith be displayed as adoration for our King of kings and Lord of Lord, who is also Our Lord and Our Friend.

Faith in Action, involves all we are and all we have through Him.

God Bless.

O F J.

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