Scripture Verse Of The Week ‘Luke 23 Verse 15’


Luke 23 verse 15: “Neither has Herod, because he sent Him {Jesus} back to us. Clearly, He {Jesus} has done nothing to deserve death”.

Perhaps if we look at the story of Barabbas, we might understand and appreciate more, The Price Jesus paid, to set us free from the Power of sin, and return all who are willing to accepted what He did, to fellowship with Him. The purpose for which we were created, fellowship with God.

Barabbas was a criminal, and the day had come for him to be executed. But Barabbas had sensed something different was happening, the guard were grinning at him oddly.

The Roman guards came and told him, ‘Barabbas, today you are indeed very fortunate’. Barabbas must have though, they were saying that because at least he was getting out of his terrible prison cell.

The guards replied, ‘No, because we have orders to release you, from the Governor Pilate, Pilate has freed you and ordered Jesus of Nazareth to die in your place’.

Barabbas’ chains were removed and he was set free. Barabbas knew he was guilty of his crimes, but he was now free, He was saved from death, by some Man Jesus Who was to die in his place. Barabbas, overcome by what happened, fell to the stoney ground, with the thought, who is this Jesus, Who would die for me.

That is a wonderful question. Perhaps you’re asking it too. The simple but astounding answer is this;

Jesus was born as a man to die for you. That was his purpose. That was His Mission.

Jesus willing came from heaven to earth to save sinful people like us all. Jesus came to appease the wrath of Our Holy God, Who is so offended by sin. And there was only one way Jesus could do it, was to die himself as a man for His Creation.

Born to a virgin. Born under the shadow of cross, where He would pay the price, we could never pay, for our sins, our missing the mark, to have fellowship with our Loving Creator.

The Son of God came, He had one purpose, One mission, to die for you and me.

Read and Reflect on the story of Barabbas in Luke 23 verse 13 to 25:

God Bless


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