Faith Of Our Forefathers


The faithful prayers of our forefathers, in bringing God’s love to the fore. But it is our faith, that  saves us, we must accept The Gift of God’s Son for ourselves. We are not born into Salvation it is a choice, for oneself to make.

The faithful witness of family and friends, can make it easier for the great Love to be made known and the choice to see. James 5 verse 16: Tells us; “The Intense prayers of the righteous is very powerful” {Righteous meaning those who have been made right with God, through repentance and acceptance, not righteous in our own eyes}.

So here is a wonderful old Hynm to remind us of this:

V1: Oh, what am I, that I should be

The object of God’s wondrous Grace?

That He should send His Son to me,

That I might see Him face to face?

Chorus: It was for me…it was for me…

For me He left His throne above;

His Grace, His goodness all for me,…

For me the ocean of His love.

V2: That He should give His Son for me,

A sacrifice of Love Divine—-

Of love as boundless as the sea,

That I might call the Savior mine.

V3: Oh wondrous love, that He should leave

His throne, and come to earth for me!

Should give His life my soul to save,

The ransom pay that sets me free.

V4: A life of service, death of same,

Example true for all, for me—

Oh, shall I not adore His Name,

Through time and through eternity.

God’s love Mercy and Grace, for you and me as individuals, Grace is often referred to as God’s love at Christ Jesus expense, He came down from His throne, to become one of us, to die as one of us, to rise in the New Life, He came to give to us, if only we could see, the magnitude of that life.

“Oh what Am I and You, that we should be the object of that grace.

God Bless.

O F J.

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