Reflective Moment “Getting The Fullness’


Getting the fullness of The Message into our lives. When we look at the story of Apollos, Acts 18 verse 24 to 19 verse 7: Apollos was a highly educated man, and when He began to explain the scripture in the Synagogue at Ephesus, a local Christian couple listening to him, realized, though he was a strong believer he had not heard the full Message.

Rather than put him straight in public, they invited Apollos home and filled him in where his knowledge was lacking. This seemed to be all that he needed for soon he was on his way to Corinth, where he was a great help in building the church.

The Fullness of the Message, Jesus is ‘The Christ’, Who paid the Price for all our wrong-doings {sin} on the cross. That through repentance and acceptance of all of Who He is and what He has done for us, we have “New Life’. New life ‘Abundantly’.

The fullness of The message, such as Peter and John had in Acts 3, they just didn’t have a doctrine that could help the lame man. They had the Fullness of The Message  “Such as we have, we give it to you in the name of Jesus. The fullness of The message, that Peter and John had brought Transformation to that man.

Has  the Christian message, we have heard and perhaps been taught, brought transformation to our lives, or have we like Apollos, have the enthusiasm, but not the transformation and revelation, of all of who we are and can be ‘IN Christ  Jesus’.

We can grow in the fullness of the message, which is our purpose and destiny.

Perhaps that is what Paul, is telling us in, Hebrews 5 verse; when Paul is talking about living on the Milk of The word rather than Solid Food of The Word. Something we all can reflect on.

God Bless.


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