Dealing With Difficulties ‘Temptation’


There is an idea that temptation is only giving into wrong-doing {sin} and evil. We can always be tempted, because for instance, we like the look of something or the pleasure we might get from it.

Understanding Grace, {God’s goodness at Christ Expense}, it came at a cost to a loving God, who loves us dearly. Then the value we place on ‘Grace’. should be more important to us, than something that might look good, or bring us short lived pleasure and satisfaction.

We have an adversary, whose primary purpose, is to steal us away from our loving God, or make it hard for some to even see there is a God that loves them.

Temptation to sin {wrong-doing against the God Who loves us}, is our adversary’s main activity in peoples lives. Although as believer’s our lack of value for God’s Grace, through our selfishness and self appetites, can make our accuser’s and deluder’s job easier.

There are two types of temptation, The Bible distinguishes with:

!. Used by Satan {our accuser and deluder} to lead us into sin.

2. Can be used by God to purify us, and move more towards maturity and growth.

James 1 verse 12: “Blessed is a man {or woman} who endures trials, because when he {or she} passes the test he {or she} will receive the crown of life that He has promised to those that love Him.”

Both require us to have a Great Value on His Grace.

Christ Jesus, Our Lord and Our Friend is our example. Matthew 4 verse 1, and He put a value on His relationship with His Father and His love for us all, not to fall into temptation.

The excuse that ‘the Devil made me do it’, is an escape for lack of discipline and values in life.

We are all sinners saved by Grace, and it is possible for us all to sin after we have repented and accepted, Christ Jesus as Our Lord and Our Friend. Let us all put a great value on His Grace and His Love for us, that would cause us maybe only to have a fleeting glance at any temptation, and be able to say, that our relationship with in Him, is to valuable , for us to hurt Him in anyway.

We also have His Promise in: 1 Corinthians 10 verse 13.

God Bless.

O F J.

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