Excitement From Book Of Amos


We would love everybody to know, the Bible is a very enjoyable book, to read and read over over again. If you read it like a text book, you can glean a lot of useful information, but if you read it as a Kingdom person, you will draw much more, in encouragement and excitement from it.

The Book of Amos is from The Old Testament. Amos had five visions depicting what God would do, because of the people’s wrong-doings {sin}. Yet in spite of all the people having done wrong, God still loved them and promised there will come a future day of restoration and blessing.

The excitement from Amos, about God’s promise of restoration and blessing, can be availed of in John 3 verse 16: For God so loved; He Gave; That any ‘whosoever’ could come to restoration and blessing; Through His Son Christ Jesus.

God hates {righteously} things we do, that He has told us are no good for us.These things bring about separation from all the great love He has for us, because of the lack of trust in Him.

Amos provides an excellent example for us all today. He reminds us that we don’t have to be professional trained to speak up for God when we see injustice.

Amos tells us that God cares about the poor and those in need, and so should we. Compassion is a God Quality, and wherever we have the opportunity to show compassion we should.

Self is no longer important to us, because we have placed our life and concerns into the hands of a Loving God. Let our words and our actions, reflect all Our Lord and Our Friend is to us.

Complacency is an enemy, we should always be trying to do, better because we are Kingdom people. Vengeance is God alone, God’s judgement is something we all have to face, but we should have nothing to fear, if we have asked Him, to Be Our Lord, Our Savior  and Our Friend.

Read the Book of Amos afresh, and glean the wonderful promises and encouragement from it.

God Bless.

O F J.

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