reflective Moment ‘Growing In Godliness’


Godliness results from Our Lord and Our Friend living through us by The Holy Spirit. It is not achieved by observing some eternal code or rules. any attempt to achieve righteousness through a set of do or don’ts is  fruitless.


Our Lord and Our Friend calls us to love others, to serve others just as He Himself did when walk this this earth. He did this by the power of the same Holy Spirit and the same gracious freedom that is now available to us.


Growing in Godliness, is growing in contentment. 1Timothy 6 verse 6:


“But godliness with contentment is a great gain”.


There are things in life that do us no good to pursue, 1 Timothy 6: goes on to tell us: Now, men or women of God, run form the things that are no good for us, and pursue righteousness, godliness, and faith.


Life is a growing process, Faith is a growing process, Godliness is a growing and ongoing progress.


God Bless.


O F J.



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