Only Believe


Mark 5 verse 36: Tells us: ‘Don’t be afraid, Only Believe’.

The story comes just after the woman with a blood disease, touched, Jesus’ robes. The lady had slipped protocol and touched Jesus’ robe, believing that something would extraordinary would happen.

The scripture reference, ‘only believe’ is referring to a synagogue leader, who wanted Jesus to come to his house and pray for his sick daughter. The people who were at the house, while the synagogue leader was trying to get Jesus’ attention, came and told him his daughter had died.

As synagogue leader, he was going out on a limb to ask Jesus,  Jesus only heard of the situation regarding the mans daughter, by overhearing the people telling the leader, your daughter is dead.

Jesus who knows everything, even knew how the man was feeling at that point, turned to him and said, ‘Don’t be afraid’. The synagogue leader was already out on a limb, because he believed Jesus could help his daughter. and now Jesus turns to him, and says ‘Only’.

The man would have had faith, being a synagogue leader, now Jesus was telling him something, that would stretch that faith. Jesus did heal that young girl, and the belief system the leader may have had, would have been blown out the water. V12: ‘At this time they were utterly astounded’.

It all started when the first lot of wise men sought the baby Jesus, because they knew He was special, and now a religious leader, did the wisest thing a person can do, is bring their trouble to Jesus.

In another great story in Mark 9 verse 23: “Then Jesus said to him, {another man} ‘If You can? Everything is possible to the one who believes’.”

All things are possible, ‘Only Believe’. Read these great stories again and be encouraged to ‘Only Believe’.

God Bless.

O F J.

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