Faith In Action ‘Need To Change’


Lets start in Zechariah: Zechariah 3 verse 1 to 10:

In this vision, Zechariah is shown Joshua, the high priest, clothed in fifty garments. He is not fit to stand before God. Satan is quite right there. Joshua is a picture of ‘us all’, we are all dressed in filthy clothes, none of us is clean enough to be acceptable in God’s Presence.

However, Joshua does not try to cover it up, or justify himself or promise to do better in the future. God Himself takes away the filthy clothes and puts rich clothes and a clean head covering on him.

Now lets turn to Colossians 3 verses 1 to 14: The Old and The New.

There needs to be change, we need to allow change.

The Christian life is more than going to a regular church or club. The Christian life must result in change, transforming change, through what Christ Jesus achieved on the cross.

If we make Christ Jesus Head of all things, and if we accept He died on the cross for  us, we are accepting the need for change in our lives. God so loved that He Gave, He loves us so much individually, and this must have transforming consequences for our lives.

Allowing Him, to change us, by putting off, taking off, the old clothes, old ways.

Allowing Him, to change us, by putting on, redressing, new garments, white garments. We are standing in His Presence, as sinners saved by Grace.

We get dressed everyday, so to also should be a daily celebration of putting on new garments, because of the victory Christ Jesus won for us.

It is a matter of growing into the transformation, Our Lord and Our Friend has for our lives, we all remain sinners saved by Grace, but we get to stand in the Power of His righteousness, which allow us to put on the new clothes, because of our New life in Him.

God Bless.


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