Point To Ponder ‘From Life Of Paul’


The Apostle Paul was taken prisoner on his way to Rome to be tried. What does Paul do on his way, could have had a pity party but Paul believed in his calling and Who called him.

It must have been an amazing journey to Rome, Paul was a prisoner but carried on his ministry. The soldier guarding Paul must have been bewildered , Paul never stopped witnessing the saving power and healing  power of Jesus.

There was even a shipwreck, but far from seeing this storm and shipwreck  as an annoying interruption on his journey, Paul grasps it as a new opportunity for God to be at work.

So when life apparently takes a wrong turn and our plans are disturbed, let use this example of Paul, to keep us going on for Our Lord and Our Friend.

Paul’s story can be found in Acts 28:

God Bless.


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