The Unknown That Lies Before Us


Moses is a good example, of wondering what was in his future, because he once had a great future in Egypt, then he became a fugitive. The fugitives whom Moses lead reached Sinai  in three months after leaving Egypt. They remained there for at least nine months. Some time before the encampment broke up, a relative of Moses by marriage, called Hobab, had come into the camp on a visit. He was a Midianite by race, one of the wandering tribes from the south-east of the Arabian Peninsula

Horab knew every foot of the ground, so Moses, who had no doubt forgotten much of the little desert skill he had learned in keeping Jethro’s flock, asks Hobab to remain with them and give them the benefit of his practical knowledge.

Moses had gone from a palace to the back side of the desert as a fugitive.There were  dangers and barren places and great solitude, despite the companionship of other people around.

This is a situation a lot of people may find them self in, what do we do from here. Horab was the natural solution, because much of God’s guidance is through other people. Our Lord and Our Friend’s guidance does not make man’s guidance redundant, for a large part His guidance is ministered to us through people.

Wherever a person’s thoughts and words teach us to understand Our Lord and Our Friend’s thoughts and words more clearly, to cause us to embrace them more dearly, and obey them more eagerly, there human guidance is discharging it’s best effort.

Horab’s guidance which Moses sought was because he was a native of the desert and had traveled all over it. His experience was his qualifications.

Many times we may find ourselves in dry and lonely places, Human guidance can help, but we have the most wonderful guide in Our Lord and Our Friend, He has traveled every foot of the road by which we have to go. He knows ‘how to camp in the wilderness,’ for He Himself has ‘tabernacled among us’ {became one of us} and by experience has learned the weariness of the journey and the perils of the wilderness.

Read about Moses and Hobab in Numbers 10 verses 29 to 31:

God Bless.

O F J.

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