‘Justification’ A Big Word With Big Benefits


Sin {wrong-doing} against God brings us to an enmity with God. Our Holy and Righteous God cannot in honor be at peace with a sinner while he or she continues under the guilt of sin {wrong-doings against God}.

We have stated before that The Ten Commandments, were not given to be some kind of overbearing laws. they are laws for life, and if we live our lives under them out relationship with God and man will be strong.

On the other hand, if we were to break one of the laws, we have broken the relationship with God and the strength of those relationships with others.

Justification comes through repentance, and justification takes away the guilt and so makes way for inner peace. Such is the Awesomeness of Goodwill God has to us, that immediately upon the cancellation of the obstacle {sin} relationship is restored.

God does something bigger than the justice courts in the world, where if we commit a crime, we need to be punished for the crime and make restitution for it. Well the same reasoning is with God, we were all separated from Him because of sin {wrong-doings}, we need to be punished, but God Himself paid the penalty for us with His Son Christ Jesus dying on the Cross in our place.

Through genuine repentance, for our wrong-doings and acceptance of The Price that Christ Jesus paid for us we are justified. Justification brings us back to relationship with Our Creator God.

People’s perception of sin, reminds me of an old song, which goes something like this, ‘Just a little bit of this, and a little bit of that’, well sin can’t operate that way, a little sin, is just as bad for our relationship to God as a large one.

God has so much to give us, and to entrust with us, if we only realize Our Holy and Righteous God cannot in honor be at peace with a sinner, while He or she continues under the guilt of un-confessed sin {wrong-doings}.

Some people might say the word sin is archaic, why can’t we do what ever we want, well we can, but that choice will separate us from a Holy and Righteous God. A God who wants to call us friend.

John 15 verse 9 to 17 speaks about Christlike love. Verse 14; tells us all we have to do to be called his friend is; “is to do what He commanded us to do. The commandments are not archaic laws, they are laws so we can live life in abundance.

God Bless,

O F J.

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