Weekend Inspiration



Let us look at the word of compassion which covers a vast ministry in the name of Jesus.

C is for courage to speak up against wrongdoing and for laying burdens at the cross of Christ.

O is opening our hearts in empathy and to obey the commandments of the Lord.

M is moving through tough times with the strength of Moses.

(M) is also for a meaningful motive to become closer to God.)

P is for a process, promises and progress when God grants you his portions of loving guidance.

A is the angels he sends in times of grief or heartache.

S is for staying serene in trusting the Lord for spiritual answers.

S is for surrounding yourself with his peace and purpose when feeling broken.

I is for inward assessments while making choices of a Christian nature.

O means overwhelming gratitude for the input daily of his grace and goodness.

N means never not accepting the blessing and loving net that he covers us with.

The gift of compassion in our lives is a precious treasure stored in our hearts with God’s blessing and one exceptionally close to God’s gifting for our situations in truth and honor in trust and his wisdom.

Be compassionate.


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