Faith In Action ‘Faith Energizes’


We know that Faith is a substance: Hebrews 11 verse 1: {Nkjv}:

“Now faith is the substance of things hoped fro, the evidence of things not seen”.

Faith will energizes us for any sort of work, seeing that it raises all to one level and brings all under one sanction and shows all as co-operating to one end.

Faith is a belief, and through  believing Faith energize us for action.

Faith in the All Powerfulness, of a loving God that created us.

How do we live in this energizing Faith, Trusting Our Lord and Our Friend, live with Him, and through Him, and by hope of the inheritance.

Like everything that use energy, we must make ourselves available, allow our character to be transformed, and change any self-interest we may have, because Faith we are energized with, is for His Glory alone.

Faith can never be stagnant, if we truly believe, Our Faith needs to be active to display what we believe. A creed does not save, what makes a Christian is not the theology we have in our heads, but the faith and love we have in our hearts.

Faith Energizes, through what it has already transformed, let us all be that transformed vessel, that is energized by The Holy Spirit, with one purpose but to witness and share what Our Lord and Our Friend did for us.

Hebrews chapter 11 is referred to as The Great Faith chapter, read it and draw from the Faith, of the people used as examples of faith there.

God Bless.



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