Reflective Moment ‘The awesomeness Of The Power’


We have a wonderful salvation that fits everybody. God wants us to have power. When a person is baptized in The Holy Spirit, do they really know what has happened to them, unless they step out in the fullness of the transformation of that baptism.

In Acts 3 verses 1 to 10; Peter and John had no idea of the greatness of the power they had, but they knew they had something special. They said to the lame man who asked them for alms {money}, “Well, we know what you need to satisfy you from that aspect, but we only have sufficient for our daily needs, but we do have something; we don’t know exactly what it is, but we will try it on you: “In the Name of Jesus Christ of Nazareth, rise up and walk”.

Faith in what they had, and the authority from which they obtained the power, it worked. The lame man got to his feet and went away leaping and praising the Lord.

In order to make ourselves realize what  we have been given, we need to try it. Just like the rest of the Book of Acts, which never would have been written if the Apostle had not step out and acted.

God has empowered us, He has given us power over Satan, because Satan represents everything that is not of God. God has equipped us, we need to be willing to step out, and use all that He has given us. ‘In the name of Jesus Christ’.

That is really something to reflect on.

God Bless.




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