Point To Ponder ‘About The thief On The Cross’


Luke 23 verses 40 to 43:

How did this man who was dying on a cross for the crimes he committed, next to Jesus on the cross {who had done no wrong}, realize who the man was hanging beside him? Was it something Jesus said or the sheer presence of God that convinced him? Somehow his heart was changed, and he offered an amazing prayer to the one dying beside him.

Jesus granted the thief his simple request and even more! “Today you will be with me in paradise.” There was no time for probation or restitution for this man, but salvation came immediately. Right there and then Jesus was paying for his sins, and that day Jesus would walk with Him in to paradise.

God’s Word makes it clear that Jesus welcomes you and me into His family the moment we believe. The transfer is not over loaded with paper work, or jumping through hoops, it is swift and sure.

When we have accepted Christ Jesus as Our Lord and Our Redeemer, whether we live on earth another fifty years or enter heaven within a moments breath, we will be with Jesus, in eternity.

If you haven’t ask Him already, why put off trusting Jesus any longer. Now is the day of salvation. It is the greatest decision anyone can make.

God Bless.

O F J.

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