Faith In Action ‘A Considered Approach’


Many of us are too busy, to take time to monitor where we are going, and the reason why we are going that way. Yet God created us with the capacity for self reflection.

We are created for destiny and purpose, more to the point Eternal destiny and Eternal purpose.We are on this earth not just to be born, live, work and die. we are on a journey through this life to an eternal destiny.

Like everything in life there are choices eg, what career path do I take. or what kind of place will I live and bring up a family.

These two examples, the first what ever career path we choice, one day we will have to retire from it.

The other example, the house we buy, might be one of many, we purchase through life, but we will leave it one day, our body wont keep going forever.

But there is a but, and this is a good but, Our spirit and the soul part of us are destined for eternity with an Eternal God.

So you see we need a considered approach – the approach we should have as a Faith In Action, needs to be greatly considered.

Faith in Christ Jesus, is a transforming Power, Our Faith In action must be a transforming action.

Is our faith building us? Is our Faith a testimony of Who we are Faithful To?

A good way to appraise ourselves is with the words of a well known chorus:

“Let the words of my mouth, and the mediation of my heart be acceptable in Your sight, My Lord, My Redeemer, My Friend”

Faith really is an Action and there is a lot to consider, because we are not doing it for ourselves, we are doing it because we want others to know and accept Him, as their Lord and Friend.

After all we can’t keep such a wonderful life, destiny and purpose to ourselves,

God Bless.

O F J.

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