Study Of Revelation Continued – Letters To The Churches: Pergamum


Letters to the Churches Third Church ‘Pergamum’.

Pergamum: The Church Next to Satan’s Throne. Rev 2 verse 12 to 17. Pergamum was about a hundred miles north of Ephesus, with Smyrna located halfway in between. It was Asia’s ancient capital. I t was also a city with many pagan practices, renowned for it’s alter to the god Zeus as well as a lot of temples to the emperor.

The amazing thing is that in the city where the forces of evil were so powerful, there was a church, by church a body of believers in Christ Jesus. This would make you think if the church was persecuted anywhere, it would be extremely in Pergamum.

But Satan found a much more effective weapon, he is defeated but he is cunning and deceitful. Instead of attacking the church from the outside. he corrupted the church from the inside. It was a fashionable thing to be a member of the Pergamum church

Attendances were increasing, offering were up, but the church had compromised it’s stand to make peace with the world The demands of God’s Word for spiritual and moral purity are lowered for the sake of popularity and acceptance.{Sound like today}.

The accusation against the church at Pergamum is that they allow false teachers to exist in their midst. The references to Balaam and Balak are fro the Old Testament story {Numbers 22 verse 24} in which a king named Balak tried to hire a prophet Balaam to curse the Israelites.  Balaam faiied at his attempt and instructed  Balak to tempt the Israelites to forsake their religious commitments and in that way bring a curse,{Numbers 31 verses 15 and 16}.

Both of theses behavior are listed here in Revelation, food sacrificed to idols and sexual immorality, which are really idol worship.

Jesus calls the church to repent, at the risk of war if they don’t , thus the vision of the sword, a reference and image of the Word of God, but also a weapon use in war. If the prevail against their sin, they will have hidden manna. Food available for the over comers

Sound so much like some of the churches today, let this be a warning to us all if we are to overcome, we can not compromise with the world.

It is Christ in us That is The Hope of Glory {Colossians 1 verse 27}, take Him out or compromise Him we have none of His Glory or none of His Hope.

God Bless.

O F J.

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