Faith In Action – Speak Honestly


All in a nights work. I had the privilege to pick up a young couple from a party, the young man Craig was angry that his young lady friend Kerri, had hidden his car keys. Kerri had only done this because he had been drinking and couldn’t have driven. Craig was rather unkind to Kerri, in what he said to her.

I interrupted because he really was being unkind, and told him she had only hidden the keys out of concern for him, I went on to say that he was lucky to have a young lady that cared about him. A lot of people are not as privileged to have somebody care about them. Slowly his thoughts turned and Craig apologized to Kerri, and he also reflected on other times he had been unkind to her,

As they were getting out the taxi, I gave them both a ministry card, Craig turned back and thank me and said,’He was surprised to hear me say what I did, but I feel so much better inside’. and he shook my hand. Kerri also shook my hand and said ‘thank you Sir, for your kind words.’

This brings me back to Proverbs 18 verse 13:  Craig was upset, because he didn’t understand why Kerri had hidden the keys, and his action showed his lack of understanding. If we mouth off at somebody, before learning the facts,we will tend to bring shame on ourselves.

I think Craig was upset because he thought Kerri had hidden the keys with out reason. When he found out it was because she cared about him, his attitude to Kerri and the circumstances changed.

Sometimes Our Lord and Our Friend doesn’t allow us to do the things we want, but we should also realize He is All-Knowing and He Knows what is best for us, and He cares about us.

Perhaps sometimes in the matters of the things of God, we all need to change our attitudes.

God Bless.

O F J.

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