Authority: The Keys To The Kingdom


I can go on and on about the authority of God, I could preach about it until I was blue in the face. I could teach you and implore you and beat you over the head with how works, and how it is relevant to us, and just what it is capable of doing. But apart from encouraging you, and maybe lighting a small fire in your faith, it probably wouldn’t achieve much.


Because we can’t live on the revelation of another person. It is not our fuel or our life source. It is an encouragement, a reason to set the wheels in motion, but it isn’t what is going to propel you forward and keep you powering on when the going gets tough. There’s only one thing that can achieve that, and that is the word of God. You have to read it, meditate on it, and get it on the inside of you. You have to study it and muse on it, look at it from different angles. You need to hold that word close and dear. It was written for you individually just as much as it was written for those who wrote and originally read it!

Do yourself a favor and read through Acts and the four gospels. But don’t just read with your eyes. Read with your heart. Take the scriptures that stand out, and pray on them. Ask God to reveal to you what He is trying to say, ask Him what that verse means to you in particular. Read it as a love letter, as an instruction manual for you. Then when you are done, read it again. And again. All the while asking God for the relevance of the word in your life.

Apart from the great revelations you receive, and you will receive them, you will learn that everything Jesus and His disciples did is ready for you to pick up and continue with. Jesus left us with two things when He left us. He left us the greatest adviser anyone could ever need, and the keys to the kingdom.

The Holy Spirit and Authority.

The Holy Spirit is the very power and spirit that lived inside Jesus. Without the holy spirit nothing that Jesus did would have been possible, and still isn’t to this day. The Holy Spirit knows how to raise the dead, and heal the sick, and cleanse the lepers. The Holy Spirit is in constant communication with Christ, so can get that word of knowledge, and can keep you on the path of God’s will. The Holy Spirit will counsel you and lead you an amazing journey if you will allow him to.

Our Authority comes from Jesus, opening the doors of the heavenly realm and giving us the keys to access it whenever we want. We are joint heirs with Christ, and there is no door shut to us. Yet we don’t walk around like we are in control and of the princely order of Jesus. No, we tip toe around like we are trespassers, and then wonder why nothing happens. No break through, no healing, no finance, etc. God’s word will show what is possible and what is normal. It’s not just the history on events that happened years ago, but it is showing us what we should be doing from the moment we accept Jesus into our heart and are baptised in the Holy Spirit. It is regular behaviour. It is normal. It is life changing, not just for you, but for everyone else around you!

OFJ and I prayed for a miracle in financial breakthrough, prayed over it and knew where and when to use our Authority [we learnt through the word] and we believed in faith, because we knew it had been done. It was finished on the cross. Less than two hours later OFJ was ringing me to say that not only had he received what was need, but he nearly received double. Praise God!

This only worked, because we knew God’s word, were empowered in the Holy spirit and used our God given authority to declare the works of the enemy, his poverty and his poverty mindsets destroyed in the name of Jesus. And it moved I’ll tell you. Nothing can stand against God’s word, especially if it is used effectively.

So take the adventure, and find His word, hold onto it, let it be the backbone of your faith! Then you will find you hold the keys to the kingdom, the greatest friend you could ever have, and a deeper love for God than you could ever imagine is possible.

Go for it! The world is waiting!!!

– The Kid

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