Faith In Action: Unexpected Blessing


Myself and Kid { a k a} Michael, have been doing bible studies together for a while now. the Bible studies are never structured only the subject of what we are going to study. Most of the time Michael and I communicate very regularly, I have three wonderful grown up sons and Michael seems like part of the family now.

We were conversing while I was working in the taxi, {I work at night and Michael stays up late} about God being the God of first, second, third and lot more chances. We covered some great points that helped us both, but late that night a lady Shirley, who was visiting the city was to get into the taxi.

The place where she was going was about 30 minutes journey, and I was able to share with her about God being, My Lord and My Friend and Redeemer. Shirley actually told me, she thought she had used, all her chances. It was wonderful to recall and use the subject of chances that I had earlier been talking with Michael about.

I gave her two of our cards because Shirley had asked for a second card. It was a wonderful privilege to share with Shirley, but an unexpected blessing was to come from sharing with Shirley, the next day.

Michael and I had come up with an idea to do our Bible studies via Skype, and if we were to use Skype anyone who wanted to join us could. The Subject was the Book of Acts chapter 1 to 3, a wonderful passage of scripture to talk about.

This was our first Skype session and was to be recorded, and we were going to turn into a pod cast. At the time I felt like the Cliff Richard song ‘Wired for sound’, and that was to be the start of our first  record Bible study. As Michael and I were discussing our subject, my cell phone rang {I always leave it on because someone might be trying to get me for a business matter about the taxi}, the caller was Shirley. Shirley had rang to thank me for talking to her the night before about God being the God of many chances. Michael could hear her as well.

What a tremendous blessing, started with a Bible discussion while I was driving {I drive for myself, the boss is myself so I am not worried what time I take to converse with Micheal or share the word} and then get to meet people and like Shirley share with them.

This was a wonderful surprise and blessing for myself and Michael, Shirley’s phone call of thanks.

The friendship and partnership we have together in ministry is touching lives, In ways we hardly expected, and has now become apart of our lives. We both want to use our Faith as an Action, which we all can do.

Don’t be afraid to use yours as an action, in everything you do.

God Bless.

-O F J.

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