Faith In Action – Be Ready To Serve

This is a story of how God allows us to meet people, who have a need in their lives. I had the privilege to pickup a gentleman named Ben in my taxi, at a venue , which was a considerable distance from where he lived.

As an ice breaker, I asked was he on his way home, or was he off to work. His response was a little more than I expected. He informed me he came from his ex wife place, it was his daughters birthday. I asked him how long he had been separated, After he told me his name was Ben, Ben explained they had been living apart 12 months, but his wife had just told him the marriage was over as far as she was concerned.

I talked with Ben for the next 30 minutes. Ben went right through the subject of the hows and whys. Ben had had a problem with drinking and was getting on top of this problem when he lost his job. This caused him to lapse into his drinking again.

This was a broken man, I started to talk about God. Ben said he didn’t know if he believed, but was happy to listen.  I told him how much God loved him and wanted to be apart of his life. Ben’s response was I have never met anyone like you who talks about God like that.

Ben said he didn’t have many friends or friends that he would talk with, the way he had with me. I gave him out our ministry card as well as my personal business card so he could contact me directly. I told Ben, he could call me anytime and if I was unable to help I would find a person or church who could. I told Ben I would pray for him and his family, and made the point again that God really does love him, even though he might not feel anyone does.

We reached Ben’s house and he was happier than he had been. Ben thanked me, by saying I was meant to meet you. Thanks for listening and thanks for sharing the faith you have.

What a wonderful privilege it was to meet Ben and assure him God loves Him. I know God will do something to bless Ben, and believe Ben will come to accept Him as His Lord and Friend.

God Bless.


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