Empathy & Grace

Two of the themes of Hebrews are Empathy  and Grace.

Empathy what a great word it is; An ability to see into an others mind and heart and so reach a full and sympathetic understanding of their thoughts, feelings or experiences

Grace what a wonderful word; Any favor or mercy – God’s grace is God’s undesevered favor.

The priest in the temple at the time were able to sympathies with people since they were also sinners.

Although Jesus is without sin, He is also able to have empathy with His followers. Jesus has experienced emotions of praying with tears and praying with load cries. Jesus is not only sympathetic, but also actively involved in helping each believer. Jesus also suffered at the hands of people who didn’t know any better.          Jesus knows what it is like to live as a human being.                                    Jesus was not only willing to place Himself as one of His creations, but in order to better relate with His followers, the path he took included suffering.              Jesus is also committed to praying for believers in accordance with the divine purpose, we were all created for. Jesus also provides Mercy and Grace.           Jesus has the authority to provide Mercy and grace, because He is God incarnate {God en clothed in flesh}.

Hebrews 4 verse 16 Is a wonderful verse where we are ‘called’ to approach the throne of Grace. this refers back to the annual celebration the day of atonement, where the High Priest would resent himself on behalf of the people to request forgiveness. Through Hebrews we find it pointed out, not only that Jesus has made forgiveness available, but also that it is no longer restricted to one day a year. Forgiveness is available whenever we need and are willing to genuinely say sorry {repent}.

Jesus is our great High priest and he calls us to approach His throne of Grace, whenever we have the need.

Remember he has empathy {empathy describes Him perfectly} because he has lived as one of us and has experienced every emotion.

we live in Grace, which is undeserved favor and if we ask for His Mercy and it doesn’t matter what we have done, His Mercy is always available to a repentant heart.

Come lets boldly come before His Throne of Grace.

God Bless


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