Hebrews at A Glance

The author is unknown some say Paul may have written it , where as others don’t. The purpose of Hebrews is to show that Jesus is the true fulfillment of the Old Testament history.

Hebrews is more an essay that an epistle, it shows how Christianity is radically new, while retaining a strong  continuity with the past.

Hebrews was to  Jewish Christians. These knew the scriptures and may well have been established as Christians for sometime, but they were insular and uncertain and wondering whether to turn back to Judaism.

Hebrews teaches that Christianity is the fulfillment of Judaism. The message is clear, the old system has found fulfillment in the new. The “Greek” word for “better” and superior occurs fifteen times in Hebrews.

People who have been sincerely religious or superstitious in the past will find the Christ, and having found Him. They may then understand how inadequate their former vies really were. They may see as well that in His Gracious love God used their past beliefs to draw them towards the fullness of Truth in Him.

Hebrew also reaffirms the Old testament concepts of salvation and atonement. it explains why Christians are strong and clear on such things as the ’ Sacrifice’ of Jesus.

Important references  in Hebrews   “Hebrews 2 verses 14 to 18”.

God became a man and died to defeat evil and rescue humanity, and because He was made man< He understands us fully. Hebrews 4 verse 3

It is through Salvation that we enter the true rest of God. The true sabbath is yet to come and it is greater then we can imagine.

Hebrews 6 verse 19 and 20. The curtain that formerly divided the people from the Holy of Holies {Presence of God] has been torn in two. Jesus has gone ahead into that space and is waiting for us.

Hebrews 8 verse 1 to 13 . Christ Jesus brings a new agreement, a new covenant that requires faith and love, and not endless sacrificial animals. Christ died once and for all.

Hebrews 12 verse 1 to 13 . a List of simple things that Christians should do to keep running the race of faith.

Hebrew 12 verse 14 to 29. Take time to be Holy, now because of Jesus, we do not need to fear God’s Holiness, but we need to embrace His holiness.

Finally, Remember that Jesus is greater than any power or person you may confront.

Let God’s Truth soak deeply into you.

Rejoice that Jesus died and rose again for us to restore us to companionship with God.

Live your Faith, take part in the great adventure of faith.

dwell on the hope that we have in Christ Jesus {Our Lord and Our Friend}.

Read Hebrews and enjoy.

God Bless

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