Jonah Part One

Over the next three days we are doing a study on the book of Jonah.

Jonah became a prophet of God not long after the time of Elisha, perhaps even overlapping Elisha ministry during the reign of King Joash.

Jonah tried to run away when the Lord told him to preach to the people of Nineveh.

Jonah was afraid, but also annoyed that God would ask him to go there. Jonah took a ship headed towards Tarshish, possibly in southern Spain. But the Lord sent a storm at sea and the sailors realized at last that Jonah must be thrown into the sea, where a great fish awaited him. The fish took him to land and Jonah then went obediently to Nineveh to preach.

This is a story of  obedience to God above self interest. Jonah wasn’t really interested in preaching in Nineveh, they were Assyrians and the enemy.

As`we will learn in the following studies.

Jonah is a book about justice and mercy. Jonah has to learn that Israel special relationship with God doesn’t make Him, their exclusive possession. God’s care and concern His purpose to save people from their sins, extends to the whole world.

Because this is the theme of the whole Bible< God’s plan for redemption.

John 1 verse 29 The next day John {the Baptist} saw Jesus coming towards him and said ” Here is the Lamb of God who takes away the sins of the world.

We will continue this great story Tomorrow.

God Bless


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