Jonah Part Two

This is a the second part to our study on JONAH.

We as people who follow our Lord should be God’s purpose seekers and not self serving. So let get into more of the study.

The Old Testament people of God saw themselves as preservers rather than proclaimers of the faith, a conservation area to protect the endangered species of believers. Some churches are like this today.

Jesus told us to go into all the world and preach the gospel {the Good News}. Jonah’s message is that the church of God’s believers should multinational enterprise with a mission to the world.

There are migrant cultures in our own countries who have not heard the Gospels in a way they can understand or respond to it, So spreading the Gospel is our constant business.

We should be able to relate to the story of Jonah, just like Jonah we shrink from the calls of God. Not me Lord can’t you find somebody else. God has already rescued us from the power of sin and eternal darkness through His Son Christ Jesus.

We started this week with a scripture verse about being Diligent, Fervent and Service. Be ready to accept any challenge Our Lord and Our Friend gives us.

If Our Lord has a special task for you, He will not rest until you have completed it. Because He is never wrong in His choice and no one else can do what He has asked us.

Jonah rejects Go’s mission Jonah 1 verse 3

It is not that Jonah is a fearful person. Jonah 1 verse 12 Show plenty of courage, but he know God to well. If the Ninevets repent and change their ways, God will forgive them. Jonah wants this cruel threatening enemy nation destroyed, so he disobeys. Jonah is just being human he wants revenge, but God always offers forgiveness if we repent.

Jonah by trying to save his life, the heaven sailors display more humanity than the man of God.  Jonah 1 verse 3.

Jonah wanted God to confine His love and mercy to Israel.  Jonah had no compassion for the people of Nineveh.

Jonah found a ship heading to Tarshish, he paid the fare and climb aboard. Jonah was tired after his long walk and struggle against God, he went to sleep. He thought when he woke up he would be far away from the mission God gave Him.

We should all know we can’t run from God. The boat encountered strong winds and high seas. The sailors did everything they knew to save the ship. The captain woke Jonah up and told him to pray to His God

We will leave the story there and continue tomorrow. We all know prayer works but if we are being disobedient to God, He will remind us what we need to do to get His attention.

God Bless


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