Job would be the first of what is called the “Books of Poetry” from the bible.

The others, which we will cover at a later date are, Psalms, Proverbs, and Song of Solomon.

These books which include Job tell of experiences of the heart.

The story of Job is a simple one. It opens with a scene from heaven and then tells of Job’s fall from prosperity to poverty.

A major point in the book has nothing to do with Job, but his friends Eliphaz, Bildad and Zophar and their half truths only adding to Job’s misery because they neither point towards a positive answer, nor offer him sensitive support.

Job is a book for all who know a suffering person, learn how not to help a friend.

The subject of a wager between God and Satan about human faithfulness to the creator.

In Job 1 verse 6 “The sons of God presented themselves before the Lord,” these ‘sons of God’ were angelic beings, the messengers of God. The mystery is Satan was among them. He was angelic, but he had fallen.

Point to note; Jesus is the only begotten Son of God, being of one substance with the Father.

These sons of God were Created beings

2 Corinthians 11 verse 14 Tells us that satan comes as an angel of light. to deceive and to tempt.

Talk about a difficult test, Job’s body was covered with painful boils, all his children were killed, his house and fortune were destroyed. Through it all Job refused to curse God  (he did question God though like we all would).

In Job 42 the final chapter, we read that Job enjoyed a double porion of prosperity from the hand of God. God allows His children to suffer in order to reveal character, to set forth an object lesson and to bring to light some hidden sin.

In Job’s case that hidden sin was self righteousness.

Job found God in His troubles, Many know God as a creator and believe in His Greatness, but they do not really know God.

The more we understand His ways, the more we will love Him and put our trust in Him.

After Job was ordered to pray for his friends, who had displeased God by their words, all that Job lost was restored.

In a nutshell Job explores the problems of why good people suffer.

Tells the story of a well respected man, who loses everything suddenly.

Tells the discussion and unhelpful advice of Job’s friends who tell him he is to blame.

Show how God Himself is majestic and inscrutable, and how Job is restored.

Read Job and enjoy God Bless


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