Gosple of John at a Glance

The author of this book is the apostle John. He was referred to as one of the sons of thunder and also as the disciple that Jesus loved.

The purpose of this book was to prove Jesus was the Christ, the promised Messiah  (for the Jews) and the Son of God for the gentile (whoever is not a Jew).

The teachings are to lead believers into a life of divine friendship with Our Lord and Our Friend.

The key word in this Gospel is ‘believe’. Its so important it can be discovered 98 times in the Gospel of John. Like a parent repeating the same set of instructions, so that it lodges itself into their teenagers head, so to is God trying to draw your attention to just how important belief is.

John’s aim in this gospel was to confirm and reveal the deity of our Lord Jesus.

In every chapter he wrote so we could see Jesus deity for ourselves.

1 verse 49: Nathanael confession  “You are the Son of God”

2 verse 11: In the miracle of Cana “this revealed His Glory”

3 verse 16: In the word of Nicodeamus “He is the one and only Son”

4 verse 26: With the woman of Samaria “I who speak to you I am He”

5 verse 25: To the impotent man “the voice of the Son of God”

6 verse 35: Jesus admits “I am the bread of life”

7 verse 37: He is the water of life “if anyone is thirsty let him come to me and drink”

8 verse 58: To the unbelieving Jesus proclaims “Before Abraham was born I am”

9 verse 37:  To the blind man Jesus claimed to be “the son of God’

10 verse 30: Jesus says ” I and my Father are One”

11 verse 27: Martha declaration “You are the Christ”

12 verse 32: To the Greeks “When I am lifted up from the earth, I will draw all men unto me”

13 verse 13: Jesus said “You call me teach and Lord “

14 verse 1: Jesus said “Trust in God also trust in me”

15 verse 5: About the vine “apart from me you can do nothing”

16 verse 7: Promise of the Holy Spirit, Jesus said ” I will send Him to you”

17 verse 1: Pray “Glorify your Son”

18 verse 37: at His trail “you are right to say I am King”

19 verse 30: In His atonement when He died for us “It is finished”

20 verse 26: Thomas confession “My Lord My God”

21 verse 22: “You must follow Me”

There are seven witness of His Deity.

Seven miracles to prove His Deity

Seven I AM’s in which He reveals His God nature

Jesus’ last word in His Gospel “You must follow me”

This is for all of us, may we all follow Our Lord and Our Friend in loving obedience till He comes again.

Nothing more surer

O F J  God Bless

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