Renewing The Mind

The mind is an incredibly complex and amazingly wonderful creation. It has many features and functions. It helps us decide right from wrong, helps us do amazing works of good, but also, sadly, great works of evil.

The mind is the one thing that sets us apart from the animals, it is the very embodiment of God’s wish for us to have free will. With out the mind we couldn’t read, write, create music, solve complex puzzles, or create routine. We would all literally drift through life, no sense of our eventual demise, never pondering the reason of life, never realising or valuing just how valuable our existence is.

In the mind God has given us an incredible tool, a tool that he invariably gave us hoping that we would use it to find him of our own accord. He wanted to create a being like Him in everyday, and so gave us an element of his Godliness, the mind.

God’s mind created the world in and everything in it in 7 days.

Sadly, we like the animals never really ponder just how valuable and incredible our very existence is. Instead of searching for God, we create our own. We value those with a higher intellect then our own, and look poorly on those who don’t see the same way as us. In many ways the mind is also one thing that draws man away from God.

And he knew that before he even gave it to us, and yet he was still willing, so that we could choose to commune with him. Now that just blows me away!

So what’s my point, where am I going with this?

Just this, God gave us an incredible tool in the mind. He gave us a way to find Him, and when we find Him he gives us the knowledge and the desire to share His word with us, that none shall be lost to Him.

Yet, the very thing that stifles us to walk bolder towards Him, and break our comfort zone is our mind. We immediately began to think about what everyone else will think of us. Even though their thoughts of us will hold no bearing towards our acceptance into heaven.

In a way we almost become ‘Gods’ ourselves holding the eternal futures of the others around us in our hands. We have to be careful though, as God’s word states, “As a man thinks in his heart, so does he become.”

Our image of ourselves is what shapes us into the people we become. They draw us closer to God, or they push us further away. They show us the need for God, or they convince us we don’t need a God.

Slowly the lies of the enemy begin to corrupt our mind, and lead us on a path towards believing we don’t need Our Lord & friends influence in our life, that he’s never done anything for us and that we’re better off without him. It takes hold like a computer virus and destroys something that was created for good into a horrible and dark place.

But hold firm my friends, we are still in control. You see, we have the amazing ability to renew our minds, to return them to that state they were originally created to operate in.

While I believe reading the Bible, praying, and spending time with God are a great way to renew our minds, I feel the most effective way is to give our heart to God everyday, to do as Paul said and “renew our salvation everyday.”

If a man is what he thinks he is in his heart, then I am redeemed, valuable and saved. I am a child of God, with one thing on my mind… GOD.

Now that to me is the best mind we could ever hope to have!

Blessings, The Kid.

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