Faith In Action – The Business We’re About

We are compelled to be about the business of the Lord, which is the Fathers business, not because we have to, but because we want to, for Him.

In my line of work I meet a lot of people, and getting a chance to share my faith is such a wonderful opportunity, not only for me but often for the people I meet.

The stories these people open up with are often the reason I feel compelled to share my faith, this people need to hear the life changing Gospel of Christ.

I never storm a fortress of somebodies life who are not willing to hear it, but if I have a chance to share I will.

I met Brad* when he was forced into my taxi by bouncers from a night a club. Great I thought, They’re giving me their problems. Brad, as I was about to find outwas angry had just experienced a relationship breakdown.

He was Angry! He shook with rage as he stewed over the situation. Unfortunately for me he lived in the outer suburbs, and that was a long way to take an angry man.

I started asking questions trying to get his mind off of things, things like what did he do for a living. This was not a bad man, I found out through his answers, he’d just had a sequence of bad experiences that made him very angry.

We talked for while about general things, then I asked him did he have a faith in God. He said he did. I gave him our ministry card (If it matters to you It Matter to Him)

I asked if I could pray for him. He nodded, and I began with him in the car.

I went something like this. ” Oh Lord I thank you for allowing me to meet this man. I thank you for your peace, your guidance and direction for this man in the name of of my Lord And Friend.”

He turned to me as he was getting out and shook my hand, and said you are a wise man I can hear it in your voice, Thank You.

His anger had turned to hope, and peace had returned to his life.

I was only the vessel My Lord and Friend used because I was acting in His wisdom & not mine. We can miss the most amazing things in this life if we don’t open ourselves up to what God is wanting to do. We have to be willing!

We must be about His business. Old Fellow John God bless.

*Name changed to protect identity.

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