The word Genesis means “beginnings”. Genesis is about the beginning of everything, of the earth, the sky above, all the animals and the people.

It is also tells us the beginning of human sin, but (and this is a good BUT) it leaves us with a hope about God’s love for people even though they have done wrong.

Everything has a beginning and there is a consequence for everything. I’m sure by now if you can read this, at some stage in your life you’ve been told not to do something, but you go ahead and do it anyway


When you do the opposite to what you were told to do you turn your back on something right and enter into rebellion, no matter how big or small (an aside: The bible relates rebellion to witchcraft). That in essence is how sin started. And was the very genesis of consequences.

No sin. No consequences.

God never wanted for us to sin, to go against what He told us to do, but to take away our right to choose the things we want to do (whether right or wrong), would have led to God creating robot’s who worship Him because they were told to. And that defeats the purpose of creating us to want him.

God gave us the freedom to choose, He also knew the consquences of giving us our own choices in the same way that he knows the consequences of our choices.

Adam and Eve walked with God in the Garden (of Eden) at the beginning but through choices their privileges changed and they eventually were forced to leave the garden and God’s presence.

Adam And Eve made a wrong choice which is where sin began;

Where there was love, now there is also hatred.

Where there was peace, now there is chaos.

Where there was joy, now there was bitterness.

God’s Plan at the beginning also allows for a plan, to conquer the bad consequences and allow us again to choose to follow Him.

After all instead of throwing Adam and Eve out of the Garden and turning his back on them, the heart broken saviour of the world made them clothes so they could survive in the new broken world.

Remember if your world or life is broken, God will make a way for you to come back to him, to forsake the sin on your life, and return to what is right. Him!

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