In many ways the book of exodus is the foundation stone upon which the rest of the bible is built. Its Laws establish outlines for social life and worship life.

Gems included in Exodus “THE TEN COMMANDMENTS” Exodus 20

“THE PASSOVER”   Exodus 12 v7

The blood of an animal (lamb) sacrifice was to be placed on the two doorposts and the lintel of the house, and the plague of death that swept the land claiming all of Egypt’s first born son’s swept past the house leaving it, and it’s occupants untouched. To this day, those of the Jewish faith the world over still celebrate and remember the pass over.

This also has a modern day aspect and was symbolic back then for something that would happen thousands of years later. Jesus shed his blood on the cross, covering our doorframes (sin) allowing the second death (spiritual death & eternal torment) to pass over us. Which in turn gives us access to an eternity with God.

“THE ACTUAL EXODUS”  Exodus 12v29

Gods people being set free from bondage.


Read it for yourself it is a song of deliverance from evil, do you feel bound?


Manner and Quail provided    Exodus 22 Water provided

In many ways Exodus is the book that shows God’s loving care and commitment to his people, but also parallels what would be achieved through the eventual death of Jesus on the cross. He granted as provision, deliverence, and freedom from bondage.

There is nothing that God can’t free you from. If you make time to ask him for him, and consult with him in prayer, He will make a way, as he has always done!

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