Message To Our Followers

Hi Mike here a.k.a The Kid,

Just a quick message expressing gratitude on behalf of John and Myself for you taking the time to like and follow us. We appreciate it, and we appreciate you. From the time I’ve taken and will take to read all your blogs, I can’t really expressed how excited I am to be encouraged, and inspired by you all!

At the moment we are migrating our blog from our previous site, to this our new site, and community. As such, all of you have email followed us will get bombarded by emails saying that we have a new blog. For this we are sorry, the last thing we want to do is any one, so please we ask of you to bear with us. As soon as we migrate, you should only get one notification a day.

Thank you once again for reading and following, and both John and myself look forward to interacting and enjoying our time with each and every one of you. May we all grow together in God.

Mike – Two Trees Ministry

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