A Gem From The Gospel Of Matthew

Everybody has a confession, everybody has a belief.

In the Gospel of Matthew Chapter 16 verses 13 to 20, there is a wonderful gem of Truth.

Jesus asked those close to Him who do people say that He is. There are many opinions around today as well, but most exciting gem of truth from the scripture is not that Peter said it, it was what Peter said.

Verse 16 Simon{Peter] answered ” You {Jesus} are the Messiah the Son of the Living God.”

Jesus’s response was even more exciting, “Simon{Peter] you are blessed because flesh and blood did not reveal that to you but My Father in heaven.”

The reality of Truth is in all of us, but the awakening to that Truth that Peter said is available to all of us.

People, friends and clergy {ministers pastors priest] may tell us about Jesus and His teachings but until His teachings become alive to us, the revelation of who Jesus is just a belief or tradition.

Ask and keep on asking and God will reveal the fullness of Himself to you.

The Reality of the Christ {Messiah] is the hidden Gem through all scripture, and is the bases of our confession My LORD MY FRIEND.

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