Faith In Action ‘Known By Love’

One of the great things in life is to know we are loved. To know ourselves to be loved is to become entirely free. We are no longer dependent on the approval and acceptance of others for our peace of heart.

We were created to be loved, by a loving Creator God. We were Created in His Image, to enjoy fellowship with Him. Knowing we are loved, gives us an acceptance, knowing we are loved by God, gives us an acceptance and assurance.

Knowing ourselves to be loved, does not make us withdrawn and aloof. It simply means that we can open ourselves wholeheartedly and without reservation to the people around us, because we are not dependent on them for recognition. Nothing can diminish the source of love which floods into us and through us from the heart of God

The greatest thing about this kind of love is that it is replicating, because after all we are created in His Image, to replicate His love through us

John 3 Verse 16; “For God loved the world in this way; He gave his One and Only Son, so that everyone who believes in Him will not perish but have eternal life’.

Jesus came out of His love for the Father, and He came out of His love for us. That is the love that we are loved by, that is is the love by which we know we are loved.

When Jesus was taken by the authorities and the religious lot and nailed to the cross. {John 19 verse 16 to 24} As He looked out on them He saw through the eyes of love and prayed for their forgiveness. Only A divine type of loved could have done that, and that is the love we can know we are loved by.

Once we have found it and allow ourselves to be transformed by it, and realize nothing can separate us from it. Our lives become completely different, because we then have a real purpose for our lives, with a real destiny in eternity, with the God that loves us.

God Bless.


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