Stepping Out In Prayer

Our Lord and Our Friend has a rather strange way of selecting people He uses.

From the story on Nehemiah 2 verse 1 to 10:

Let look at Nehemiah for instance. Nehemiah seemed an unlikely choice to lead the rebuilding of the Jerusalem walls.

He was only an official in the kings court, he was not a builder, not in any sort of construction, not an architect and no real qualifications for leading the people in such a task.

We too may sense God’s calling to a task, where we wonder why we are chosen Nehemiah was not qualified, and if we look at Moses, he was called, but protested, “chose someone else Lord’.

God’s knows the heart of people and He uses whose heart is right. Prayer is the best way to get your heart right, after all prayer is communication with our creator.

When we pray consistently and trust Our Lord and Our Friend completely. He will equip us for the task in which He has called us.

He will use us, just as we are, if we trust Him to complete His purposes for our lives.

God Bless.


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