Faith In Action “Substantial Consequences”

Matthew 9 verse 29 “Let it be done according to your faith.” Where is your Faith, what does your faith do.

Faith is a substance, with substantial consequences.

Hebrew 11 verse 1 KJV. “Now faith is the substance of things hoped for, the evidence of things not seen.”

we also know if we have Faith and come to Our Heavenly Father, He is a re warder of them that indigently seek Him. Faith is an Action. Diligence is an action, and if we use both we will be rewarded. {Never to be used just to be rewarded} Hebrews 11 verse 6

Rewarded not with material processions, but in substantial things of God.

More Peace, more Joy, more Love to give, more hope, more compassion and more of the God like qualities. Wouldn’t we all like to walk in more of these

Our minds have become to worldly minded, we miss the finer Attributes of God, that He wants to reward us with because of our Faith and our Diligence towards Him.

How do we get this substantial  Faith with it’s substantial rewards. Romans 10 verse 17 KJV  “Faith comes by hearing , hearing the Word of God.”

We need to be studying His Word, so first of all we can get Faith, and continually studying His word to grow in Faith.

What shall we do with our Faith?, First of all, we please God, because without faith it is impossible to please Him, and secondly we shall live by it.

What does our Faith do? We are justified by faith{made right with God} and we have Peace with God {because we have been made right with God}. Romans 5 verse 1.

Through living our Faith, we will be better, at being who we are in Christ Jesus {Our Lord and Our Friend}. redeemed sons and daughters and joint heirs with Christ Jesus {Our Lord and Our Friend}

Faith is an action to be used, in diligently seeking God, and Faith is an action of walking in the rewards of diligently seeking Him. Walking more in all the Fruits of the Spirit, and being His Hands and His Feet to a dying world.

God Bless.

O F J.

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