Faith In Action “In All Circumstances”

Faith In Action

Our Lord and Our Friend can make a bad situation work for our good.

Acts 27 Verse 14: “But not long afterwards a fierce wind called the ‘northeaster’ rush down from the island.”

Some translations the storm was called the ‘Euroclydon’ meaning typhoon, tempest or cyclone.

We can learn from this Paul experience, that God can make a bad situation work for our good.

The ship Paul was travelling on was ship wretched by this storm. And because of this, Paul ended up on Malta, where the people heard the Gospel for the first time and an added blessing when Paul departed, he and his fellow travellers were provided such things that were necessary.

Sometime our problems that happen in life to us, can provide a platform for Our Lord and Our Friend to work in ways that will amaze us.

To reach our potential in God, we will have to sail through storms, and the storms can reveal how much we know God.

He has told us he will never leave us or forsake us. So, when we are in the storms of life, we should remember Our Lord’s and Our Friend’s promises to us.

Acts 27 Verse 25 and what we can glean from it, take courage, believe God, and it will be the way He has told us.

Cast all your cares upon Him He cares for you. 1 Pater 5 verse &.

God Bless


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